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High Precision Bioprocessing

More and more industrial bioprocesses need to be developed in a very short time. In order to acquire the knowledge about the strain characteristics and to predict possible problems for scale up to production phase a high number of experiments are necessary. Moreover, it is seen that multi-factorial approaches are very helpful in exploring the behavior of the biological systems. Consequently, there is a major need for high throughput bioprocessing systems that allows one person to perform hundreds of bioreactor-quality fermentations per month.

Biospectra has developed the CloneScreener®, a highly automated system with 32 bioreaction units in the scale of 400 ml working volume. All steps from media mixing all the way to automatic report generation are implemented in the workflow of this unparalleled machine. It allows performing 2 fermentation runs a week. Thus a single person can realize 256 bioreactor-quality fermentations in one month! This system opens up new possibilities in industrial bioprocess development and research. (Various patents pending)

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